As per Washington state guidance, masks are required regardless of vaccination status in all of our facilities. Please be aware that if you do not have a mask when you arrive we can provide one for you or reschedule your appointment. Exposure to someone that has tested positive for COVID requires a 14 day wait time regardless of vaccination status or a negative test before being seen in person. We appreciate your understanding!


The videos are for information purposes only. Please follow your physicians specific instructions.

Prep 5-10 Days Prior

Review your prep instructions thoroughly.

Please review your instructions for guidance on when to STOP:

Using any iron and fiber supplements.

If you are taking blood thinner medications, have a pacemaker or defibrillator, call our office and speak to a nurse.

Continue your other medications. Click here to watch an informational video.

Prep 3 Days Prior

3 Days

STOP eating any raw fruits, raw vegetables, or vegetables containing seeds, corn, popcorn, nuts, and seeds and stop any fiber supplements until after the procedure.

If you have diabetes and are taking insulin, consult your diabetes physician for the correct dosage to take on the day of your exam.

Purchase Clear Liquid diet items. Click here to watch an informational video.

Prep Day!

Prep Day

NO FOOD on the day before your procedure. Follow the Clear Liquid diet instructions. Drink plenty of water and liquids throughout the day to avoid dehydration.

Follow the detailed, step- by-step instructions for your prep.


(THC products) 12 hours prior to your procedure. Click here to watch an informational video.

Washington Gastroenterology has partnered with Your Patient Advisor to support our patients through their colonoscopy preparation process. Your Patient Advisor provides product fulfillment on behalf of Washington Gastroenterology for the preparation products sold on this website. Additionally, Your Patient Advisor supplies our patients with instructional and educational information as well as support for non-medical related preparation questions. email us

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